This is the official site for Dave and Jeff's duo, "Full Frontal Nudity."  Here, you will find all things FFN: demos, pics, upcoming gigs, news and projects we're working on.


FFN is a Baltimore-based duo, specializing in "lo-fi country rock boogaloo."  It's front porch music that knows no boundaries.  It might be Alice in Chains straight into Kenny Rogers...just to dip back to some BoDeans or Scorpions.  As long as it's a good song...who cares about who does it?


Because we like you, we'd like to state our mantra up front: we aren't trendy...we don't auto-tune our stuff...we're not looking to win a talent show.  What you get is raw, unfiltered music by two guys who love making it.  If you're into the mindless, soulless noise that tops the charts today....we are not the guys for you.  If you're looking for a corporately-manufactured, air-brushed version of what music is supposed to be...we won't be crossing paths.


If you don't mind some bad notes and some good tunes, then we want you to come out and see us.  You'll have a good time...promise.