Jeff Witte - Vocals, Guitar Player, Sloppy Keyboards

Jeff has always been surrounded by music.


His uncle is a noted musician, playing old-time folk music on anything that has strings on it. His cousin is an accomplished musician, who floods the Michigan club scene with some of the tastiest guitar playing known to Man. His brother is a veteran of a handful of local bands, ranging from the metal bands of his youth to his most recent effort: a local country duo named “Gatewood & Witte.”


Since 1973, Jeff has been banging on toy pianos, toy guitars and toy drum sets…sometimes setting up a stack of cardboard boxes to emulate the Marshall stacks he saw behind KISS, when he gazed at the picture inside “Alive II.”. His ears were constantly filled with a rainbow of sound, from the bluegrass, early rock and country he got from his parents to the classic rock, metal and blues that his brother enjoyed. Eventually, MTV would enter his life and fill in all the holes. It seems like every day, somebody introduces him to another singer or band, which eventually leads him to unearthing more hidden gems.


During his school years, Jeff was a trumpet player, and that’s where he was exposed to a lot of jazz and classical music. Around that same time, he began to write lyrics…mostly mimicking the songs he liked from Judas Priest and AC/DC. In the summer before he entered ninth grade, he started to take guitar lessons and learned the basics. Ever since then, Jeff has built on that foundation, always the student…looking to better his playing.


In 1994, Jeff became friends with local filmmakers and local musicians Al Darago (who penned “Let It Go”) and Doug Ulrich, and they went on to make a handful of independent horror films as NoBudget Productions (later named Dark Fall Films). For a brief time, the three of them would share the stage as part of a band called “No Reply,” but changes in their personal lives caused them to abandon any future gigs.


That was OK, because there was something happening on his own front porch.


Due to being his best friend’s cousin, Jeff has known his bandmate, Dave, a long time. They each shared a pure passion for music, often raiding each other’s collections to find something new. In 1993, the two began to jam on the front porch, doing Bob Dylan parodies and mash-ups of their favorite songs. Through the years, Jeff and Dave started to get more serious about their music, including giving themselves a name, taken from an episode of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”: Full Frontal Nudity (or FFN, for short). Jeff began to write more mature tunes, and Dave began to work on his voice.


Stay tuned…this bio is far from finished.

David Harris - Vocals, Percussion, Aspiring Bass Guitar Player, Keyboards

David Harris was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1976. His earliest memories consist of laying on the living room floor, listening to the radio. Besides some old country records by the likes of Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, there were some Beatles and Elvis records around the house that helped shape his musical path. From local bands played on the radio at the time, such as Kix and The Ravyns to radio mainstays like Led Zeppelin and The Doors, David soaked in all the sounds.


Then David discovered MTV.


A break from the mainstream sounds of Foreigner and Journey, MTV introduced him to bands like Devo and Wall Of Voodoo. Then came hip-hop in 1986, in the form of The Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C., further expanding David's musical horizons. By 1991, he was bored with the direction a lot of the music was headed. Then came Nirvana and "Nevermind," changing David's musical horizons yet again. Shortly after that, David rediscovered Pink Floyd (including the Syd Barrett-era for the first time) and discovered artists as diverse as The Sex Pistols and Leonard Cohen.


It was around 1993 that he and his cousin's best friend Jeff made their first music together. Full Frontal Nudity were born as a novelty band, writing silly songs and covering the occasional serious song. Since then, David's musical tastes have changed, and he eventually came back around to country, in the form of Americana bands and solo artists such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Chris Knight, Steve Earle and Shooter Jennings. It was at some point in the 2000's, after a move to Pennsylvania and then back to Maryland, that Full Frontal Nudity were reborn as an Americana band, writing new songs and covering artists across the various genres that they have loved over the years.