It is not only the 4th of is also "Blah Jam 2013."  For all those not hip to this, let me explain: much like the podcasts, Blah Jam represents a commitment for FFN to get together and do something productive.  You can see clips from our previous Blah Jams in our "Videos" section.  Good or least, we are doing something.  The recording equipment will be out in full is a definite (and any good stuff will make its way into the "Audio" section and the "FFN On The Air" podcast), and possibly there will be new video.  If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and join the fun!

Since the last blog post was last year, let's get y'all up to speed:

-The Christmas party at the Airport Bar was the first official live performance from Full Frontal Nudity.  Local legend Rob Fahey introduced us (you can hear that intro at the beginning of "FFN On The Air").  We did a version of "Rudolph" that was a day or so old (I did some slide work)...then our Christmas song (and the folks...they did cringe)...closing with "You Can't Take It Away From Me" (which produced a "WOO!!!" from a drunk chick during an alcohol reference).  We'll have to do it again soon.

-On April 4th, we were honored to have our friends, Chuggalug, on the podcast.  They are a DC-based power trio, who can tear it up!  They chose our podcast to make a special announcement: the introduction of their new drummer.  It was a fun-filled should go to the "Archives" and check it out.

-On April 25th, we celebrated one year of being podcasters.  Unfortunately, BTR's servers were acting up, so a lot of technical problems happened during our live feed.  The archived version will be fixed when time allows.  We grew a lot since that first podcast.  Doing the retrospective, we had a lot of predictions that soon came true, along with the creation of the bits that start every show and adorn our T-shirts.

-On May 2nd, we continued to make the podcast more mainstream when we had Lee Townsend (Climbadonkey, The Ravyns, Never Never, BAMB, Pulp Fiction) as our guest.  Nearly three great hours filled with Baltimore music history and invaluable behind-the-scenes advice for all musicians getting into the music business.  Again...check it out in the "Archives."

-On May 14th, Lee had us on his podcast: "The Real Time Music Network" (named after his new venture into business).  We were on with Matt Anthony, a kindred spirit.  We talked about college and internet radio, and how it can serve the good of indie artists.  Interesting couple of hours (and then some)!


So there you have it!  With the summer coming up and most issues behind us, we should finally get to the demos and adding them to our music player here.  Who knows?  Maybe we can fit in some open mics, so you can hear them live!

If nothing else.....we got "Blah Jam 2013". 


Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 20th, as David and Jeff play as many demented Christmas songs as they can fit into a two-hour show!  That's 10 pm (EST) -- just click the link on "We're On The Radio"!!!

At least one "podcast" shirt will be available for purchase.  I will attempt to get the others that are featured in our ReverbNation store, and as they are cleared, I will make them available for purchase.  Use the "CONTACT US" tab to let us know if you are interested in getting one.  The price will be determined by demand.

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