I Found A Love (acoustic soungwriting demo)

Full Frontal Nudity
J. Witte


This is a demo by Jeff.  The song was written for Dave to sing, since it is written with him and his girlfriend, Jaime, in mind.



I Found A Love


Did you hear a heart break

When you left the room that night?

Was it a mistake?

Were you wrapped a little too tight?

You said you found someone new

Well, girl…I’ve found somebody, too

She won’t leave me on the line

And I do believe it’s time…that…



I found a love who won’t let me down

I found a love who’s here to stay

She won’t run when I come around

I found a love who won’t be walkin’ away


Well, does he tell you

All the things you need to hear?

Does he hold you?

Does he keep you from all fear?

You say that we can still be friends

But those words won’t save ya when heartache kicks in

With her, I don’t put on a show

I just let my feelings flow…`cause…





She’s on my mind every day of the week

When she’s close, I can hardly speak

I must admit she’s got a certain kind of style

Only takes a look to drive me half-wild

And in the middle of the night

When I’m holdin’ her tight

I whisper in her ear,

“This sure feels right.”




I found a love

I found a love

I found a love