Superficial Girl (acoustic songwriting demo)

Full Frontal Nudity
J. Witte



Recorded on Jeff's 8-track.


Jeff: The song is about someone that I considered a friend.  She betrayed that trust.  I have forgave, but I will not forget.




Superficial Girl


You were sweet when I met ya

Now the tide has turned

Gotta sleep with one eye open

From the lessons learned

You thought you held me

In the palm of your hand

Better check yourself at the door

I ain't that kind of man


Oh...oh, oh

Just thought you'd like to know



Superficial girl

Your emotions don't run deep

It's all surface, baby don't fool me

You want to keep it all hid

But no matter how you try

You're superficial, girl

You're just one big lie

One big lie


You think it's all fun and games

`Til it happens to you

I've seen that sympathy card

Played a time or two

You better watch your mouth

Think about what you say

`Cause I heard you lost

A lot of men that way


Oh...hey, hey

The wrong man saw the message today




One big lie....